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I'm Confused! Rant

Hello! How are you guys?
As we all know I just really decided to try to come back to blogging. This was not an easy decision for me. Am I full on headfirst into it like many others? No. Life is happening now and I'm still trying to ease my way back and/or deciding if this is right for me. Either way, this is the deal. When I stopped completely and gave up, I was surprised to see that SO MANY people were visiting my site. Now that I am "back" my numbers have dropped drastically. What in the Sam Houston is going on? That question is kinda sorta rhetorical. And, yes, I know you need to have thick skin "in this business" but it's discouraging as hell. I know I need to focus and find a direction but wow! Some parts of me want to completely start over on another platform. Another part of me feels like what's the point. You would think it would be easy to sit at home and type... No!
This was a dream of mine/ours and now, I don't know. I find myself predomi…