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Catching Up! 4/5/16-4/30/16

April 30th I have to say this is the first time I've ever had pita bread and hummus! It is SOOOOO Good! I wish more restaurants in OH would get on board and have more allergy free options. I would love to have this out somewhere.  As I'm finishing this post, it is dinner time. We are having leftover spaghetti and today we will have garlic bread made from the Schar baguettes. Enjoy your evening! Good Eating! 
April 29th Last night was spaghetti night! Obviously I like noodles with my sauce!!!! Ciabatta rolls from Schar & pecorino to top the spaghetti

April 28th

I was on a tuna melt wrap kick for a couple of days! Another trip to Heinen's (they're next door, literally). I am not going to have any money at this rate...seriously!  I FINALLY found the GF pita bread! YAAAAY!!!! It is very good! I love Kombucha!!!!! We're trying out a new pancake mix which is Paleo. (we haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know what we think) We are keeping Schar in business! This lemo…