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Catching Up! 4/5/16-4/30/16

April 30th
I have to say this is the first time I've ever had pita bread and hummus! It is SOOOOO Good! I wish more restaurants in OH would get on board and have more allergy free options. I would love to have this out somewhere. 
As I'm finishing this post, it is dinner time. We are having leftover spaghetti and today we will have garlic bread made from the Schar baguettes.
Enjoy your evening! Good Eating! 

April 29th
Last night was spaghetti night! Obviously I like noodles with my sauce!!!! Ciabatta rolls from Schar & pecorino to top the spaghetti

April 28th

I was on a tuna melt wrap kick for a couple of days!
Another trip to Heinen's (they're next door, literally). I am not going to have any money at this rate...seriously!  
I FINALLY found the GF pita bread! YAAAAY!!!! It is very good! I love Kombucha!!!!! We're trying out a new pancake mix which is Paleo. (we haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know what we think) We are keeping Schar in business!
This lemon cookie was the cleanest cookie I've ever eaten...for real!

April 27th
Chicken one night was NOT enough! I tried the lemon pepper chicken recipe that is posted on the blog, it didn't come out quite like I wanted it to but The Lil Chef loved it and wants me to make it again....I don't know yet...
The Lil Chef requested Real oatmeal forever ago and I just got around to making it, it's gone now, I'm not too upset, I really didn't have a huge craving for it this time. It was good, don't get me wrong! 

April 25th

Someone on TV had fried chicken and I could not resist anymore! I decided to make more mac n cheeze (of course it was requested), broccoli is The Lil Chef's all time favorite veggie so it's almost always on the menu. I have been on a little sweet potato kick (nice change). I'm a little sad this is gone. :'(  

April 23rd
I have made alfredo a few times since being allergy free and I can not ever remember how I did it. I had to start from scratch since I had no idea what I did the last time. I made the sauce the same way I made the cheeze sauce, the only problem was it never thickened so I had to add cornstarch. The Lil Chef LOVED it!

April 22nd

April 21st
Had another craving & this is what happened ... broccoli, kielbasa, onions, and rice pad thai noodles!
The Lil chef chose to have nothing but noodles & broccoli 

April 19th
Man! this homemade (obviously) burrito was amazeballs! I used the "taco salad meat" as The Lil Chef calls it, refried beans, tomatoes, corn, & guacamole. I believe there was something else but I don't quite remember at this time :/

April 18th
Had a craving for fries and hummus!!!! You should try it!

April 17th
I LOOOOOVE sandwiches of all types! instead of bread, I used wraps this time. So So So GOOD!!!

Trader Joe's has given me a reason to come back to the store! They are the only company left that does not include wheat or gluten in their hash browns! Thank God, hopefully they will stay clean.

I couldn't resist making another cholesterol sandwich, well half of one, the other side we ate with buttter, cream cheese, & jelly. 

April 16th
I told you I am in LOVE with Schar right now! With this wonder bread I made myself a homemade Subway sandwich! I truly miss Subway! This turned out very very well!

FINALLY, I got to taste the Daiya cream cheese! I FINALLY found GF bagels that was worth the money at Trader Joe's. It has been sooooooo long since I've had a bagel with cream cheeze, "butter", and jelly! It was amazing!!!

I had these at my grandmother's house for the first time and they were great!!! I will definitely HAVE to get these on the next Errand day!
Spurt of the moment, I decided to make homemade shredded hash browns! The next time I will make smaller, much smaller batches! I was surprised The Lil Chef actually liked them!

April 15th
My body was craving something a little more healthy so what could be healthier than something vegan? I made kale pasta with onions and mushrooms. The pasta are rice pad thai noodles.

April 14th
We had a kid lunch, as you see french fries (ore ida - they are gluten free), leftover cheeze sauce, & hot dogs.

Ok, so I can't eat eggs (I loved, loved, loved eggs when I was young. The older I got the less my body could tolerate them, it's hereditary)  but I figured I would try (Eggland's Best) egg whites one more time. I love what I consider/call a cholesterol sandwich. These are blueberry buckwheat waffles, bacon, egg whites, & GoVeggie lactose free American cheese, oh and a little grape jelly!

April 13th
I had a MAJOR craving for a salad this day! It was freaking GOOD! I was full for the rest of the day! This is like a 6+ cup container!

April 10th
The Lil Chef has been begging me forever for meatballs, which I'm not a huge huge fan of but I do like meatball subs! I decided since now that we have the Schar baguettes...why not make meatball subs at home?! 
I used pork sausage, ground turkey of course, eggwhites, and grated the onions (wonderful idea I got from somewhere on the internet). The meatballs turned out a little bigger than I planned and needed just a pinch more salt but they were great. I also used the German, naturally lactose cheese from Aldi (I love it and some weird way I have no reaction to it) and finally after so many years I have incorporated worcheshire back into my life.

I've had a craving for chocolate cake for like over a year! I finally said forget it and made a cake! I really only needed A SLICE but no one sells GF/DF slices of chocolate cake!!! It was very very good, I'm just not a sweets person. 

April 9th
This was crazy! I finally figured out how to make vegan cheeze sauce!!!! Thanks to my mom! soooooo all I did was put smart balance in the bottom of the pan, let it melt, added some cashew milk, let it get hot, not boiling, added the Daiya cheddar cheeze shreds & kept stirring until it melted! Make sure you add mor cheeze than liquid and you're good to go!

April 8th
I LOOOOOOOVE chicken steakums!!!!

April 7th
I needed something to keep me going during my intense studying for my midterm.

April 6th    
I got these items at Heinen's... They were having a 2 for $7 on Daiya products!!!! I'm loving Daiya, Schar, & Heinen's right now!
I'm really happy we were able to get a few allergy free items at the food pantry. Please people donate allergy free foods to your local food pantries/banks!

April 5th     I'm really trying to cut back on food so I can cut back on my weight! I believe this was dinner that day. 


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