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GFAF Expo 2017 Experience/Reviews

*MY APOLOGIES I've noticed that the pictures on this post "broke", I fixed them but in that process, the format completely went crazy so if you are reading this ... just keep scrolling!*

Like I've stated in other social media posts and on the blog, The Lil Chef and I had a WONDERFUL time! I took so many pictures and talked to so many people I decided to put my entire experience on my blog instead of posting "500 pictures" to Instagram. (I will try to remember everyone I spoke to.) Now, I understand why other Bloggers post during the event! 😊

We made it! We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Arlington Hts., IL. It was a pretty decent room, I get Choice Rewards for staying there and it was less than 10 mins from the GFAF Expo. It was a win. I had to borrow a little money to stay there but it was what it was. I'd stay again.

Day 1:  BFreeFoods was our Sponsor for the Expo. I want to thank them so much! Breakfast was great and I loved our blogger gift bags! I'm…