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OK, FINALLY we are all caught up! These are my posts from today! As far as these posts are concerned... I'm very proud! I think I'm finally in the right state of mind and I found my motivation for my weightloss this time around (Bermuda 2017 - Family Reunion)
I only want to lose about 20-25lbs, then maintain and tone. I'm praying I make it to Bermuda but even if I don't I'm going to exercise like I'm going!

  Now as far as My Which Wich situation... I had never heard of this place. I got an oil change about 2wks ago and there was a flyer on the counter, I picked it up. Got home read it and...This is the cutest idea ever, it's alot like subway but instead  of telling them what you want, you pick the bag, check off the ingredients, give it to them and they make it. What I just said is not the part that I'm head over heels about. Again, they are very similar to subway which is good but (again I had this idea) I can have almost the same sandwich just wrapped in lettuce and tadaaaa! no gluten! I can eat outside again!! Now some of you might not know why this is a big deal to me. I do not know of many places here in NEO that actually have places that offer these services! I have been to so many places and asked for a sandwich, turkey burger, etc. wrapped in lettuce and they look at me like my eyes started glowing lavender! (and this will be a place that supposedly offers this!) I get so jealous lol when I see people post these things on other social media sites . I literally go to the exact same chain and noting! So yes! this is very awesome for me!!! (and other people in the surrounding areas with similar issues)  
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Published by Veronica Johnson3 hrsEdited
Ok, so we were supposed to have salmon tonight but we decided to go to ‪#‎WhichWich‬. We are going to have to switch it up, I'm going to divorce Subway (I still love them) we've been together for about 20yrs but i've found a healthier relationship...finally! The "Perfect" match still exist lmbo
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Published by Veronica Johnson6 hrs
I have gone back to exercising yesterday!!!


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