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End of Thanksgiving.

Today is the end of the Thanksgiving weekend. I really hope you guys had an awesome holiday, wonderful food, memorable times with family and friends.
Now there's aprox. 3wks to prepare for Christmas. We have a ton of leftovers so that will save me from cooking for a little while until we get tired of it lol. Oh I forgot and 4 wks (aprox) to prepare for New Year's Eve!
We had such a nice time having company over for The Day After Thanksgiving that we're considering having company over for Christmas but that's still a work in progress...

I will catch you guys up on the things I didn't post in the midst of all the holiday craziness.... (these are not in order by the way)

This is what happens when you're out and your sugar drops... you spend $20 on GF "junk food". I've never had the Figgies & Jammies before and they were amazing!!! seriously, I've also never tried the Macaroons...those were like Samoas (the girl scout cookies... score for Mommy!) I had to refill my purse with GF bars (for my sugar) I thought I could sneak outside that day without any bars or water... I was so wrong. I usually do not buy water while I'm out but I did not bring my water with me. I have a Kangen water Machine at home so I bring my 9.5 (alkaline) water with me everywhere I go. I didn't this time and of course I got I was able to find this Icelandic bottled water that says it's 8.4 alkaline...close enough. Expensive last minute treats but very good!!! (I haven't tried that one bar with the yellow wrapper yet that is a carrot cake bar, we'll see how that is.)

Ok, I found this (at all places ...Walmart) Why is that significant? It's the size of a REGULAR loaf of bread which we (gluten free people) know is unheard of. I have NEVER ever seen GF bread this size and NEVER at Walmart (and it was at a regular walmart not a super walmart) so I bought it. (more money I didn't have but I had to)

I almost forgot we had dessert. I decided to have a little last night instead of dinner. This is GF Apple Pie, GF Sweet potato & Pumpkin pie, and LF Breyers Ice Cream.

Three days later and we still have so much Mac n Cheese left!!! The Lil Chef says she's going to eat it all...we'll see.

I decided to have just a "little" bit of everything today for lunch.
I surprised The Lil Chef several days ago with one of her fav breakfasts...Homemade Oatmeal or what we call "real oatmeal". No it's not soupy, once it's in the bowl I put extra almond milk and smart balance on top...So Amazing!

It was so good it deserved an encore...a few times! lol

We literally love to write on everything!!! This is what we did for Thanksgiving. We have writing on our bedroom doors, laundry room door, linen closet, we have a ton of dry erase boards. We will redecorate them for Christmas and New Year's.

These are our other decorations for Thanksgiving/Fall which will be up until I change them for Christmas which will go up 2 weeks before (and we take them down a week after. If they're up too long it just kinds takes the specialness out of it for me)
 Also, our tiny decorations for Christmas from Dollar Tree, snowflakes and candy canes we made at the Winter Craft Free For All at the library the other day on Thanksgiving Day Eve. The Lil Chef made the leaf portrait!

Christmas decorations waiting to be hung outside our apartment door.

A Happy Holidays sign that we're going to put out side over the side of our porch railing.

Oh... I forgot about these! These are the best fast food fries and the only ones I'm willing to eat and allow The Lil Chef to eat. These are french fries from Mr Chicken! I had another one of those days where I needed to eat when I was out (& I didn't have any bars with me) and this was a little bit of stress eating as well. Still SO SO GOOD!!!! 


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